Program Policies

1. General Guidelines

By participating in the Instagram Partner Program (“Program”), you agree to comply with these Program Policies, as well as Instagram Terms of Use, API Terms of Use and other applicable Instagram terms, guidelines or policies referenced herein.

Any violation of any of the Instagram terms, guidelines or policies may result in suspension, revocation of previously issued qualifications, and/or immediate and permanent removal from the Program, removal from the Instagram Partner Center, termination of access to Instagram APIs, disabling of advertising account(s), or other actions as Instagram, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

Instagram Partners Program members must provide login credentials to the Instagram Partner Program team upon request.

Instagram, at its sole discretion, may modify or terminate the Program at any time, and reserves the right to grant or remove access to the Program at its sole discretion.

Instagram may change these terms at any time without prior notice. Please check them regularly. Your continued participation in the Program (including any use of the Instagram Partner Program badge, Ads API, Instagram Partner Center, etc.) constitutes acceptance of those changes.These Program Policies govern your participation in the Program, and your participation in the Program is deemed part of your use of, and actions on, “Instagram” under Instagrams’s Terms of Use. Instagram and you are entering into these terms as independent contractors, and (notwithstanding any use of the term “partner” or similar language) nothing in these terms will be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between us.

2. Badge and Logo Use

Instagram Partner Program members must follow the below guidelines as well as adhere to all of the Badge requirements.

Instagram Partner Program badge

The Instagram Partner Program badge allows you to promote your status as a member of the Program in online and offline materials.

Using the badge

  1. You may use the badge only if you have been recognized as a member of the Instagram Partner Program by the Instagram Partner Program. The Instagram Partner Center lists all currently badged companies. The badge is issued by Instagram to each member and illustrates the qualification(s) each company has earned.
  2. You may not modify or alter the badge in any way, such as changing its design or color, or combining the badge with any other words or images, or altering any of the qualifications shown on the badge.
  3. In online materials, the badge must hyperlink to one of the following: the Instagram Partner Program page or the Instagram Partner Center.
  4. You must keep sufficient space around the badge so it appears clean and uncluttered.
  5. You may not use the badge in any way that implies that you are an employee or agent of Instagram, or that Instagram endorses, sponsors, or is responsible for your services. You agree that you are solely responsible and liable for your services.
  6. You may not use the badge in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Instagram.
  7. Instagram, the Instagram Logo, the Instagram Partner Program Logo and the Instagram Partner Program badge are trademarks of Instagram and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Instagram’s permission. We may revoke permission to use Instagram’s trademarks at any time.

Logo Use

Your participation in the Instagram Partner Program constitutes your consent to having your name, contact information and company logo listed in the Instagram Partner Center, and in Instagram marketing and promotional materials. As specified below, you further agree that you will keep your information in the Instagram Partner Center current and updated.

3. Press Relations

All public communications must be sent to the Instagram Partner Program team via this form for prior review and approval.

General language

Instagram Partner Program members will not use any terms or phrases that refer to exclusivity, advance access, or a unique relationship with Instagram. Examples of prohibited words and phrases not to be used regarding Instagram and your company include, but are not limited to:

  • strategic
  • commitment
  • worked together
  • exclusive
  • continued relationship with Instagram
  • special/advance/early access
  • whitelist
  • trusted
  • certified
  • verified
  • recommended

Do not refer to Instagram as a social channel/network but rather “Instagram is a top mobile destination”.

Instagram Partner Program style guide

Instagram Partner Program is in initial caps, and may not be abbreviated as IPP.

Beta products

Product discussions with Instagram are considered confidential. Instagram Partner Program members are not to discuss non-public products or plans unless provided explicit written permission from Instagram even if public documentation exists. This includes, but is not limited to, products described as “alpha,” “beta,” and tests.

Approved Instagram language

The Instagram Partner Program recognizes companies that have qualified for one or several of the available specialties and countries.

Promoting and advertising your Instagram capabilities

  • Do not misrepresent your participation in the Instagram Partner Program, use Instagram brand assets including the Instagram Partner Program badge except as authorized, and infer or imply an endorsement or sponsorship from Instagram other than participation in the Program. Do not represent yourself as an agent, employee, affiliate or any other kind of representative of Instagram or make any representation, warranty or guarantee by or on behalf of Instagram.
  • Non-Instagram/Facebook Advertising: Do not use any Instagram branded term or trademark in ad copy or in targeting parameters in any advertising off Instagram or Facebook (i.e., search, Display, etc.). This includes, but not limited to, the following terms or variations of them: Instagram, Instagram Partner, Instagram Partner Program.
  • On Instagram/Facebook Advertising: Advertising your capabilities on Instagram and Facebook is permitted, and may include use of branded terms (i.e. Instagram, Instagram Partner Program, etc.) as long as it follows applicable terms and policies, including but not limited to the Advertising Guidelines and Instagram brand guidelines.

4. Compliance

Instagram Terms and Policies

In addition to these Program policies, Instagram Partner Program members must also comply with all Instagram terms and policies, including (but not limited to) the Instagram Privacy Policy, Advertising Guidelines, and Promotions Guidelines. Please review them carefully. We reserve the right to request documentation from you to ensure your compliance.

Other Requirements

These Instagram Partner Program Policies are in addition to all applicable terms, policies and agreements that may apply to Instagram Partner Program members, including but not limited to the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Data Use Policy and Platform Policies (if you have access to the Ads API, pay particular attention to section 14 (Ads API), and even if you do not have access to the Ads API, you must still comply with sub-sections 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9). In addition, you must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Full compliance with badge requirements: Make sure your tool set is in full compliance with all the Badge Requirements at all times, in all the areas you qualified for.
  • Advance notice: You must give Instagram and your customers 60 days written notice of your intention to stop providing any services in any of the countries for which you have been qualified under the Program.
  • API Anomaly Notifications: Instagram Partner Program members may, from time to time, see anomalies (pricing, delivery etc.) that are favorable. Instagram Partner Program members must share any such anomalies with Instagram’s Partner Program team within four hours.
  • Other applicable terms: If an Instagram Partner Program member also participates in one or more other Facebook programs, these Program policies do not replace any terms applicable to such other programs and such terms will continue to apply to your participation in such other programs.

5. Instagram Partner Center

The Instagram Partner Center is the main interface for marketers to find the right company for their needs. As a member of the Program, it is your responsibility to make sure your profile is current and up to date, with complete and accurate information. You will not input any false or inaccurate information in your profile. This will make the Instagram Partner Center an advertiser friendly place and a great channel to grow your business.

Office Location

  • Have a legal entity owned by the Instagram Partner Program member and trading under the same name as the main Instagram Partner Program member registered in that country.
  • Have staff physically based in the office who have been trained to offer pre-sales and post sales support in the local language.
  • Each location should be able to qualify individually for the Program in terms of work quality and customer service.

Case studies & White-papers

You can upload materials you haven’t built with our Marketing team but you must make sure they are accurate, the results of your work, and primarily focused on Instagram.