Vamp is a world leading influencer and content marketing platform. We are solving the key challenge for brands across the globe of getting high quality and creative content that out-performs other content at a much more cost-effective rate.

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About VAMP

Vamp is a leading influencer and content marketing platform with a global presence. We are solving the key challenge for brands of getting high quality and creative content in a cost-effective, fast and scalable way.

From still image, to short-form video, to cinemagraph to stop motion, our creators produce multiple engaging assets that can be leveraged across all Facebook property ad formats.

Vamp creators have produced incredible content for a diverse range of brands including Estée Lauder Companies, ASOS, Samsung, Airbnb, Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Uniqlo and eBay. Vamp’s platform is full-service, we manage the campaign process for the brands and agencies we work with to ensure the best results.

Vamp’s platform is Pro-Creator. We proudly advocate for the Influencers and Content Creators we work with, providing educational resources and technology designed to help them flourish as creative professionals.

Our philosophy is if you look after your creatives and foster their creative growth, the creatives will reward you tenfold with content that inspires and delights.

VAMP's Locations

Australian Office

Level 6, 50 King Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


1300 606 614

Singapore Office

Level 3

50 Scotts Road

Singapore, 228242


+65 3159 0550

Dubai Office

Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower

3rd Floor, JLT


United Arab Emirates

+971 58 297 7953

Hong Kong Office

4th Floor, Cheung Hing

Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road

Kennedy Town

Hong Kong

+852 6191 5263

London Office

41 Corsham Street

London, N1 6DR


+44 7918 764 234