The Ripl app enables you to quickly create eye-catching animated videos that stand out on social media. Ripl is perfect for smaller businesses that want to look professional, drive customer awareness, and track their online engagement all in one place.

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About Ripl

Boost your social media marketing success with Ripl! The Ripl mobile app enables you to quickly create eye-catching animated videos that stand out online. Ripl is mobile software built just for the needs of smaller businesses and non-profits who want to create videos and ads for themselves.

The Ripl software makes it simple to combine your own text, pictures, and links into professional-looking digital images and short videos. Ripl helps even the smallest of businesses look impressive and drive more customer engagement on their social media accounts.

The Ripl app not only makes it easy for you to create original image and video posts, it also enables you to share your creations to several different social media accounts at once. These include Facebook, Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube... with more ways to share being added over time.

The Ripl app also provides daily post recommendations that are personalized to your type of business to save you time and effort. Ripl even sets a weekly Engagement Goal for you and tracks how your social media Likes, Shares and Comments are adding up as you post new Ripl creations.

Ripl is free downloadable mobile software. The Ripl Pro paid subscription unlocks additional premium features of value to growing businesses. Examples of the premium Ripl Pro features include branded logo placement on your animated posts, social media post scheduling, premium music tracks, hundreds of animated designs, and the ability to save your Ripl-created content for use in other places important to your business such as your website and blog.

For small businesses using Facebook and Instagram paid ads or boosted posts, Ripl is a great tool for creating slideshows and videos to feature in your ads.

Ripl is available as a free downloadable mobile app via the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Ripl's Locations

Ripl, Inc. Headquarters

3006 Northup Way

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United States Of America