Bidalgo proprietary technology will help scale your UA activity, utilizing algorithmic optimization techniques 24/7, bringing your app to the top of the charts.

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About Bidalgo

Bidalgo is a technology company who architects and constructs premium performance advertising solutions for marketers looking for outstanding Return On investment (ROI) results from their social and mobile advertising.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Bidalgo focuses on Mobile and Direct Response Marketing with acquisition, re-monetization and data at the heart of the company.

It also concentrates on driving its optimization (Real-Time Bidding, A/B/n testing and multi-variant testing) towards Life-Time Value (LTV) and ROI.

Bidalgo's Locations

Bidalgo Inc.

524 2nd street

STE 202

San Francisco, CA 94107


(415) 374-7121

Bidalgo EMEA

12 HaYetsira Street

Ramat Gan, Israel 52521